Electrical & Electronic Systems

Electrical and Electronic Systems is written in a way that makes it accessible for all its potential readers. Students specializing in electronic of electrical engineering will find material that is presented in a way that is easy to absorb, providing an excellent foundation for further study. For those indending to specialize in other areas of engineering or science, the book provides a good grounding in the basics, and allows students to progress to a depth that is appropriate for their needs.

The key to the book's accessibility is the 'top down' approach to the subject - the book begins by outlining the uses and characteristics of electrical and elecronic systems, before looking at their analysis. This gives students an insight into why these topics are important before they are studied in detail.

Features of the book:

• A 'top down' approach to make the subject more accessible to students of all engineering and science disciplines.

• Covers electrical and elctronic engineering in one book, providing a unified approach to these closely related areas.

• Written in an easy to read style, making it suitable for specialists and non-specialists alike.

• Makes extensive use of worked examples and end of chapter exercises, providing a strong applied focus to the subject.

• Extensive use of computer simulation exercises to aid understanding.

The book is aimed at first year degree level courses in Electrical and Electronic Systems/Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Publication details: Published by Prentice Hall, 600 pages.

ISBN: 0-13-093046-6


Electrical & Electronic Systems