Electronics: A Systems Approach, 2nd Edition

Updated to take account of changes in this ever more important field, the second edition of this popular text provides an engaging and accessible introduction to the principles of electronics.

Its 'systems-oriented' approach is now accepted as an illuminating and motivating method of addressing the subject. Overall concepts are explained first, supplying the reader with the confidence and understanding needed to tackle the more detailed analysis which follows. This book also offers an integrated treatment of analogue and digitial electronics, highlighting and exploring the common ground between the two fields.

Throughout the book, learning is reinforced by chapter objectives, end of chapter summaries, worked examples, exercises and tips for further reading. Every chapter also includes a comprehensive design study linking theory to everyday practice. For this second edition the author has added the following new features:

• A wealth of computer-based exercises suitable for all circuit-simulation software packages.

• Online files containing numerous PSpice simulations.

• A new section on programmable logic devices (PLDs).

• New material on the important topic of electromagnetic compatibility.

• A new section on laboratory instruments describing oscilloscopes and digital multimeters.

• A new appendix covering IEC 617 symbols for logic elements.

• Even more worked examples and self-assessment exercises.

Electronics: A Systems Approach is intended for undergraduate and diploma students in all fields of engineering and science. For students of electronics is provides a coherent and comprehensive set of material material suitable for introductory courses in analogue and digital design. For students of other disciplines it covers most of the electonics material they will need for their courses.

Publication details: Published byAddison-Wesley, 688 pages.

ISBN: 0-201-17796-X


Electronics: A Systems Approach, 2e